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From time to time, we walk around for an hour or two, looking for birds, noticing the natural world, and talking about anything and everything.

There’s a lot of knowledge about plants and animals in this group, so there’s always something new to learn. Where we go varies. Sometimes in the spring, we walk around the OSU campus — it’s like an arboretum. Sometimes we take a field trip down to Finley, or out to Talking Waters in Albany. Sometimes we head to the aviary on 35th. Our normal beat is 53rd Street.

Our meeting day of choice depends on people’s schedules, so if you want to catch the next bird walk, join the email list. We usually meet at the church in the parking lot outside the main doors between 8:30 and 9am.

This is a casual walk, friendly to all comers. Sometimes we break into two groups: one faster, one slower. Often we stop for coffee on the way back.

Put me on the list

Call John Magee at (541) 231-4846.