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Building and Grounds

If you’re handy with a tool (or you’d like to be), you might have a great time on the Buildings and Grounds team.

This is a great group of folks who get together to care for the church and keep the property in good shape. We have two meetings per month: a planning session, and a work party. Learn more below.

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Planning Session

The second Tuesday of each month, we have a planning session. We start with prayer, review our previous meeting minutes, catch up on what needs to be done, and discuss the technical stuff. These discussions bring out a lot of knowledge about systems around the property and how they work, so if you’re interested in such things — irrigation, audio-visual, lightning, electric, plumbing, structural — this would be a good place to learn.

I want to drop into a planning meeting

Join us at 4pm on the second Tuesday of the month in Room 1 of the Education Wing. Questions? Call John Magee at (541) 231-4846, or use the form to contact Art Johnson.

Work Party

On the Saturday following our Planning Meeting, we meet in the kitchen over a pot of coffee, then break out for whichever chores we’ve set for ourselves that day. It’s a great opportunity for walk-in volunteers: just show up, grab a rake or a ladder, and help us care for the church.

It’s also a great place to develop your hands-on skills. There’s a lot of expertise in this group, and the people in it are very welcoming and patient: we learn a lot from each other. Afterward, we usually have a little coffee clutch and spend some time chatting and telling stories.

I want to join the next work party

Meet us at 9am on the Saturday after our planning meeting (which is always on the second Tuesday) in the church kitchen. Questions? Call John Magee at (541) 231-4846, or use the form to contact Art Johnson.

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