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Ministry at Time of Death

If your loved one is getting ready to pass, call the church office and ask for Fr. Simon’s cell.

If the office is closed, contact him through Pat Wohlwend. Simon+ is available 24/7 to visit your loved one, give the prayers and liturgy for the dying, anoint them with holy oil, and pray with you.

Reach Simon+ directly

Call the church office at (541) 757-6647 and ask for Fr. Simon’s cell. If it’s after hours, you can get his cell number from Pat Wohlwend.

  • Pat’s house (541) 754-0740
  • Pat’s cell (541) 760-4133


Memorial Reception

If your loved one has passed, we’re here to meet with your family to discuss arrangements for the memorial reception.


We have a small columbarium in a garden in our courtyard, a quiet space that our church covenants to take perpetual care of. If you’d like to reserve a niche, the first step would be to make an appointment with us and fill out the application forms. There’s a one-time fee of $850 to complete the purchase.

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