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Monday Evening Book Club

Every Monday at 7pm, we meet in each other’s homes for an hour or two of friendship and study.

Someone usually brings cookies. The tea water is hot, and the keurig is ready.

We spend our first 20-30 minutes just connecting with each other: talking about what’s going on in our lives and in the world, and sharing prayer requests. Then we read aloud from our book of choice, following with reflection questions. To close, we read Compline together.

As for our choice of books, we decide as a group what we want to read next. There’s no homework required: all the reading takes place when we get together, a chapter or so at a time. Usually our selections focus on contemporary Christian life, with titles like Crazy Christians or Backpacking through the Anglican Communion. (We’re always open to suggestions.) Sometimes we read scriptures and commentaries as well.

Join the club

Call Kathy Bricco at (541) 260-0260.