If you have curiosity to burn, you’re in the right place.

Welcome to our community of lay-scholars. This project is directed by our two scholars in residence, Doctors Sheldon and Denise Greaves, offering an intellectual feast for people of faith through classes, resources, teaching opportunities, and genuine inquiry.


First and last, we're a community. We aim to expand our knowledge and sharpen the intellect, welcoming all ages, backgrounds and educations.


We want to help people form communities of scholars in their own congregations and organizations. Stay in touch for workshops and seminars.


Our work depends on those who value a healthy intellectual landscape. To support this project, write a check to the church with "Guerrilla Scholars" on the memo.

Who are we?

  • We’re a community. Guerrilla scholars approach learning as a communal experience.

  • We see study as worship. Our goal is to equip you to study and teach as an act of worship.

  • We nurture and challenge. We create fertile spaces in which to learn by encouraging collaboration, welcoming all levels of education, judging no one, and challenging everyone.

  • We don’t have winners and losers. Dialogue is not competition. Discussion is not a form of combat.

  • We’re not interested in being a bubble. Good learning, like good spirituality, doesn’t hide from the secular world. We’re not afraid of real questions.

  • We value the sciences and humanities. We promote research, investigation, and analysis that draw upon the strengths of both disciplines.

  • We’re better for it. The result of learning should be a more informed, alert, compassionate, intellectually rich, and vibrant community.

Giving Back the Sun

Read this essay by Dr. Sheldon Greaves to learn more about the thinking behind Guerrilla Scholars.

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Lay Collaboration in the Mission of the Church

An excellent piece by Dominican priest Michael Sweeney — and another source of inspiration for Guerrilla Scholars.

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