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Clearness Committee

Are you wrestling with a dilemma? Do you feel stuck on an issue in your life?

Clearness Committee is a small group of trusted listeners who come together at your request to seek clarity with you, just by asking open-ended questions. No advice is given. No similar anecdotes are shared. No answers are required. No conclusion is expected.

This is a Quaker tradition, carefully structured to let you draw on other people’s insights without exposing yourself to unwanted input. Simply by pondering honest questions, you can tap into your community’s wisdom and reconnect with your own.

Clearness Committee won’t make your decision for you. But it will help you focus on your choice in the presence of others who are prayerfully supporting you, so that you can process it in your own way and choose what’s right for you.

I want to get clearness

To arrange a Clearness Committee by phone, you can call either Cammie or Craig.

  • Cammie Bella: (541) 753-0020
  • Craig Massie: (541) 753-7622

Or, if you want to get started online, fill out the form below.

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How it Works

On your word, our facilitator will gather 3-5 people from our pool of trusted committee members — people who understand the Clearness format and are grounded in their own spiritual journeys — and find a time to meet that fits everyone’s schedule.

  • About a week before we meet, you share a short, written statement of your situation so your committee can hold it in prayer.
  • A typical session begins in prayer, followed by silence. When you feel ready, you can recap the decision you’re facing.
  • Most sessions last two hours, alternating open-ended questions with natural pauses. You can answer if you like, but you don’t have to.
  • Near the end, the facilitator asks if you’d like to hear the group reflect on what they’ve heard during the session. You can say yes or no.
  • We close in prayer. If the session has been recorded with notes or audio, those records are given to you so you can revisit them later.

Everything you say during your session is shared in confidence. No one on the committee will bring it up with you later, even one-on-one. That said, you’re welcome to request follow-up gatherings if you feel they would be helpful.

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