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Spiritual Nurture

We yearn to deepen our spiritual lives.

Our wisdom teachers call this the Holy Longing — and the banquet table of spiritual food is filled with choices. So much the better: different offerings satisfy our spiritual hunger at different points in our lives.

Classes & Retreats

We offer occasional classes and retreats to deepen our spiritual journeys, including book studies, spiritual tools, listening for guidance, walking with grace, the power of words, and sowing the seeds of happiness.

Quiet Days

We sometimes organize quiet days at Advent and Lent, where anyone can stop by and pray as they feel called, with prayer stations offering books, coloring materials, candlelight, and labyrinth walks.

Monastery Visits

We take day trips to nearby monasteries now and then, where we can wander the grounds, sit in the chapel, participate in noontime prayer, and explore trails and quiet places.

Get Involved

Interested in helping to organize these events? There’s always room for a few more people to collaborate on activities that help everyone in our church grow closer to God.

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