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Small Dinner Groups

It’s nice to see familiar faces at church, but if you really want to build friendships, small dinner groups are a great way to go.

Here’s how it works. We connect 4-5 households (be they families, individuals or couples) for a period of 4-5 months. Once a month, the whole group gets together for dinner.

Who hosts? It rotates, and the time period is long enough that everyone should get a chance to host at least once. The host can either invite everyone over to their house, or choose a restaurant where everyone can meet. If meeting in the home, the dinner is a potluck, and the host will let everyone know which portion of the meal to bring. If meeting at a restaurant, everyone just pays for themselves. After a few months in one group, all the names are shuffled, and everyone gets a new group.

Small dinner groups have a life of their own. They’re surprising, dynamic, and emergent. They’re also an effective way to form deeper connections with others — simply by seeing the same people a few times over a few months, talking, playing games, and sharing meals.

I want to join a dinner group

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