Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign:

“To love one another and the world as Christ loves us.”

This is the mission statement of Good Samaritan Episcopal Church. This is our goal, our vision, our chosen mission here in this community and at this time, “to love another and the world as Christ loves us.”

Our Good Samaritan community lives this mission in many ways; in our worship, by our welcome, by mentoring people in their faith journeys, through sponsorship of our church school, and in countless acts of loving service to the larger community beyond our doors. We are pilgrims who need each other’s support as we seek to live more deeply our love and faith.

Half a century ago our forebears at Good Samaritan had the vision, courage and foresight to build the church buildings we now call our spiritual home. By doing this they gave us a great gift, a legacy that we still use and enjoy to this day.

Our 2013 Capital Campaign seeks to raise $500,000 in order to secure this gift for future generations by attending to essential repairs and improvements to our church buildings and infrastructure. By doing so, we join hands with our faithful predecessors who built this church, and we also join hands with our children and unborn generations to follow, who will call Good Samaritan their spiritual home.

Your vestry and clergy stand beside you in humility in asking for your generous financial support of this important and timely work.

Yours in Christ,
The Rev. Simon C. Justice, Rector

Capital Campaign Timeline, 2013-2016

Our Capital Campaign is divided into three one-year-long phases, beginning in 2013 and culminating in the spring of 2016.

Phase I (May 2013 – April 2014)

Phase I will tackle the most pressing safety and maintenance issues we face in the short-term (some of these systems are 50 years old!), including projects that improve accessibility for the disabled. Because the plumbing needed our attention before the campaign officially began, we, the vestry, borrowed funds from existing savings to have this work done with the understanding that the borrowed money would be replaced by funds raised in the Capital Campaign. We’re happy to report that our newly rehabilitated plumbing should be good for another 50 years. Also, we are very grateful that some funding has already been allocated for these projects to help us ‘jump-start’ the work. Dollar amounts listed here reflect bids and/or estimates from contractors.

• New plumbing system $55,000
• Upgrade of sanctuary lighting $27,000
• New fire detection/alarm system $30,000
• New external doors (including power doors) $28,000
• Courtyard $60,000
• Sanctuary accessibility remodel & re-carpeting $23,000

Vestry grants $133,000 Total to be raised for Phase I $90,000
Phase II (May 2014 – April 2015)

Phase II concentrates our attention on the longer-term building projects, with special consideration being given to energy efficiency. These include the following:

• Main building ceiling and lighting $15,000
• Updating Simpson Hall $15,000
• Exterior painting and sealing brickwork $22,000
• Install energy efficient thermal windows in the main wing $30,000

Total to be raise for Phase II $82,000

Phase III (May 2015 – April 2016)

This, the final phase of the campaign, will undertake essential repairs to our main church organ. This superb instrument has lifted our spirits and our worship for over fifty years and is now in serious need of repair. The Foundation has given a grant of $50,000 towards this project:

• Repair of our church organ $200,000

Foundation grant
Total to be raised for Phase III $150,000