OUR MISSION: “To love one another and the world as Christ loves us.”

             This is the mission statement of Good Samaritan Episcopal Church.  This is our goal, our vision, our chosen mission here in this community and at this time: “to love another and the world as Christ loves us.”

              The Good Samaritan community lives this mission in many ways: in our worship, by our welcome, by mentoring people in their faith journeys, through sponsorship of our church school, and in countless acts of loving service to the larger community beyond our doors.  We are pilgrims who need each other’s support as we seek to live more deeply our love and faith.


In our Parish family you will find a faith community that is hospitable and open – where all people are welcome regardless of age, religious background, ethnicity, marital status, social or economic status, gender identity, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability or political affiliation or leanings.

We respect our traditions, strive for social justice, and seek to apply our faith principles to our changing world.

We recognize that the invitation to Christ’s table comes from our Lord himself who practiced radical and inclusive hospitality. We welcome everyone. EVERYONE!!


Commitment. We are a school of love within a covenant community. We worship, work, and play together, we build one another up, we grow in faith together, and we forgive one another.

Worship. We worship the triune God in a variety of expressions, with and without words. We experience God’s beauty and power in liturgy, music, art, nature, action, and silence.

Engagement. We reach out to one another and the world with honesty and inclusion. We welcome new faces, and know we are blessed  by their presence.

Service. We work for justice, freedom, and peace in the world, experiencing our service as a natural outpouring of our faith.

Joy. We are positive and hopeful, trusting in God’s grace and mercy.

Responsibility. We cherish and share all the gifts God has given us. Given God’s generosity, we are compelled to be generous.