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The Foundation

Welcome to the Foundation. This project exists to care for the long-term financial health of the church.

While the church is here to care for the community, the Foundation’s purpose is to support the ministry of the church, now and years from now. It does so by building an endowment for capital improvements and outreach activities and managing these in the wisest way possible.

You choose how to structure your gift

Some people structure their contribution so that the principal sum is never spent; the interest on it remains available in perpetuity. Others structure their funds so that the principal can be spent on special projects or areas of interest, either all at once or over a predetermined period of time.

You choose how your gift will be spent

You can designate your gift for the choir, the Sunday school program, the stained glass windows, the altar guild, or any number of other areas. The Foundation keeps track of who’s given what and for which purpose, and makes sure your contribution is spent as you intend it to be.

Meet the Board

Lee Samsun


Marian Ely


Bill Gellatly


Craig Massie


Keith Dunlap


D. Andrew Moursund


Michelle Niemann


The Foundation is managed by seven trustees,
elected by the congregation on a three-year term.

Once a year, these trustees elect officers from among themselves. We also have ex-officio and nonvoting Board members, including the Senior Warden, Junior Warden, and Rector.

The Foundation reports to the Vestry on its activities every quarter, and to the entire Parish once a year at the Annual Meeting.

Support the Foundation

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Anyone can make a contribution to the Foundation, and there are many ways to give.

If you’re interested in making a tax-deductible donation, we would welcome the opportunity to walk through the options and help you decide which approach would be the best fit for your goals.

The Foundation is a tax-exempt charitable organization recognized by the IRS and regulated by federal law. The Church of the Good Samaritan, Corvallis, Oregon Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation. All contributions to the Foundation are tax-deductible.

Donations or bequests to the Foundation should be made to The Church of the Good Samaritan, Corvallis, Oregon Foundation, Inc.

Sincere thanks to our donors,

whose generosity makes it possible for the Foundation to share in the vision of the church: meeting the needs of the present and ensuring our dreams for tomorrow.