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Acolytes in Training

An acolyte is an assistant at the altar. The word “acolyte” means someone who helps on the way; in the early church, this was the highest form of lay ministry.

At Good Sam, acolytes play a significant and visible role during our services. They’re the first sign of our joint call to worship and an integral part of the worship experience.

We welcome children as well as adults to serve as acolytes.

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About the Program

Our youngest acolytes usually join around age 8 or 9, but we’re happy to consider younger candidates for the role. Junior acolytes start with simple tasks, which can become more complex as they gain experience and confidence.

There’s a lot of variety in the type of things that acolytes do. For example, during processions, they serve as crucifer (carrying the cross) and torchbearer. During services, they sit in the chancel area, right up where the action is.

How to Join

If your child would like to join, contact our Acolyte Master, Cynthia Rodriguez. She’ll meet with you after church for an personalized orientation, arrange for your child to shadow someone experienced, and provide ongoing support for their individual learning.

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