We make community. We’re here when things go wrong. We build relationships and do things together.

Canterbury House is for college students of every race, sexual orientation, gender expression and faith background, including agnostics and atheists. (And we have free WiFi.)


Ask questions, wrestle with God, find your path


Build a tribe, see your friends, make things happen


Connect with people who will listen, care and help

A little history

Canterbury House has been here a long time. Our church, Good Sam, founded it about 50 years ago. In the 1980s, the name changed to St. Anselm of Canterbury; later the bishop closed it; later the Diocese of Oregon brought it back. It’s still a project of the Diocese today, powered by our campus chaplain, Ruth Krueger of Good Sam.

Come to Canterbury House to make friends, build community, explore your spirituality, and see what a life of faith is like in the Anglican tradition.

Connect with Canterbury

Write to Ruth here.

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